It's Merlin Day

A fond farewell, etc. etc...

Busy busy weekend…Friday evening I attended the Trinity College Dramatic Society production of The Passion of Dracula. It was less about the “passion” and more about who Dracula was, what he had done and how to destroy him. A lot of comedy mixed in with the tragedy. I have to say, the actors, for the most part, were excellent…considering this is uni theatre.

Saturday afternoon was all about the Yoga Conference. I never actually participate in the yoga demonstrations but do enjoy the exhibition side. Lots of excellent purchases including a Yogawrap spine support for when I’m sitting at my desk at work (hopefully that will help keep my posture in check), Organic Traditions Maccacino (a maca powder drink mixed with cocoa and vanilla – tastes like a really good mocha latte), Greens Your Colour – hot food container, and a bolster from Gaiam.

Saturday night was a combo of Earth Hour 2013 (put the beeswax candles to good use!) and the Merlin series finale. *sheds tear* With all the bashing that finale received in the UK when it first aired over the Christmas Holidays, I fully expected to loathe it. Turns out, the finale was excellent....much better than expected.There were a few things that I was annoyed with but nothing major.

I wasn’t happy with the fact that they killed off Sir Gwaine. His death was unnecessary. I can understand killing off the characters who legitimately had a reason to be killed off at the end of the series in keeping with the legend (e.g. Arthur, Mordred, Morgana).  I also wasn’t happy with the circumstances surrounding Sir Gwaine’s or Morgana’s deaths. Sir Gwaine deserved a better ending...although dying in Percival's arms *swoon*, I suppose one can't complain. As for Morgana, I had wished that her death would have been a little more prolonged…it all happened so quickly you didn’t get much of a chance to savour it or let it sink in. Nor did I like who was left ruling in Camelot. It is wishful thinking that Gwen could last very long as sole ruler – without a King or consort by her side. Meh. What I was awaiting the most, that moment when Merlin finally revealed his magic to Arthur, turned out to be somewhat disappointing. I really hoped that Arthur would have (a) admitted he knew about it all along or (b) just accepted it without a second thought. I guess it all worked out okay in the end though.
As I said, the finale was not disappointing. Yes, it could have been a bit better but it certainly wasn’t bad and it did conclude the series rather appropriately IMO. Thank you for five fantastic seasons! I only wish it could have been more.

Sunday was a day of rest but fortunately, it allowed me to complete most of my schoolwork for the week so now I’m a bit ahead of the game.

WTF with Once Upon a Time last night?You made August a child again!! Noooo…I really enjoyed his character. Now he is stuck in flashback limbo along with Sheriff Graham :(And now I have to wait until mid April for another new episode. YOU SUCK! Oh well…at least I have Robin Hood to look forward to. In true OUAT fashion, he is naturally being portrayed by yet another hot UK actor…Tom Ellis, whom I recognize from his portrayal as Cenred on the aforementioned Merlin. Too bad he didn’t get to keep that long hair!!! Sorry for being so superficial but my goodness the men just keep getting better and better on this show. Geez, how do I get an invite to the cast party?

Just a quick reminder:

  • Tonight is the premiere of The Voice with Shakira and Usher as new judges :)

  • Only 5 more sleeps till Doctor Who (bless The Space Channel for all those ads I'm seeing on buses, streetcars and subway stations - they make my day!!)

  • Only 6 more sleeps till A Game of Thrones

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