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Big Old TV Recap Post....

Let’s see…where to start…Doctor Who naturally. After some minor glitches, I now have tickets for Fan Expo 2013 – bring on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary tribute, please. My thoughts on the new season of Doctor Who: so far, two relatively decent episodes in, I think they are unnecessarily shoving Clara down our throats in an attempt to make her ultra appealing. I like her, in fact I like her a lot. I think most viewers do as well. No need to try so hard with her character - she already has won us over. Don't take the focus away from the Doctor. The show is called DOCTOR WHO, not Doctor Who and (insert companion name)…please try to remember this. Another item I’m noticing is that the Doctor seems so old now...especially around Clara. In the past, Eleven always seemed so youthful no matter whom he was with - Amy, Rory, River, Craig, Idris. Now he comes across more like Clara’s grandfather. IDK. Still, Matt is brilliant in the part. There was a brief article released a week or so indicating that Matt may be leaving after next season. Hopefully not but if that is the case, my suggestions for the future Doctors are as follows: Ben Whishaw for Twelve, Eugene Simon for Thirteen. (And yes, Bianca for Thirteen's companion!!!)

Two episodes into Season 3 of Game of Thrones and quite frankly not much has happened given the scope of what I believe they will need to cover from the novel. Interesting how much they have boosted Margaery Tyrell’s role….I like the upgrade. It certainly will make the future cat-fights between her and Cersei a lot more relevant. I was eagerly awaiting Olenna Tyrell's appearance and I was not at all disappointed. Thank you to Diana Rigg for that. Still, the best part of the new season – the Reeds. OK so they weren’t introduced in any way, shape or form like they were in books but their ambiguous arrival certainly helped to add to their air of mystery that befits their characters. Looking forward to Jojen's words of wisdom in episodes to come.

OUAT I miss you. I am happy to hear that it will receive a spin off series based in/on Wonderland. YAY! That said, as much as I love Wonderland, I honestly believe Neverland is a better option for this type of show. Neverland always seemed more grounded…Wonderland is and should be more whimsical and fantastical. I really don’t like the idea of OUAT tainting my images of Wonderland by turning it into a ‘normal’ everyday place.

So very glad to have The Voice back and I am loving the addition of Shakira and Usher this season. The group dynamics are fantastic. Not that they were bad before…they are just better now. Shakira’s expressions are priceless and Usher is sooo laid back. The one thing I do love about The Voice is that it is the only reality show where the judges (although they aren’t really ‘judges’, per se) seem like they are enjoying themselves and are genuinely happy to be there.

I had a disturbing dream a couple of nights ago – I dreamt that I was dating Robb (well, actually, Richard Madden, the actor that plays Robb Stark). UGH… yes, he was really nice to me in the dream and yes, I know a lot of women find him attractive but still…UGH. Fortunately later in the dream he morphed into Stanley Weber, who plays Juan Borgia on Borgia, (slightly more tolerable...but yet if my subconscious wanted Juan Borgia why not David Oakes??? *shrugs*). Alas, I need someone to analyze this dream for me. Does my subconscious think I will never get the guy I’m really attracted to? Am I simply destined to wind up with the brother and/or pale imitation of the guy I’m attracted to? Or, given that I was dating Richard Madden, aka Jenna-Louise Coleman’s real-life bf, is it a metaphor stating that I want to date the companion’s companion, i.e. the Doctor? IDK…help. Oh yes, and speaking of the Borgias…just to remind you...

IKR, umm, no words...*needs to watch the Light My Fire performance from the Ed Sullivan Show...pronto*. See you on Sunday…xoxo
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Wow. Awesome stuff. I don't watch Doctor Who (maybe I should) so I can't comment on that, but I'm certainly still with GoT. I got more out of Ep. 2 after watching it for a second time. There was much more info in it than I had previously thought. I love Jojen Reed and look forward to seeing much more of him. I enjoyed the Arya parts as well, but I'm intrigued by Sansa. Much more than before. I'm quite interested in following her storyline as one of my major ones.

Good lord. Your strange dreams are fascinating...

That pic of Chez...WOW. O_O
Wow...I can't believe you don't watch Doctor Who. When I was young (circa 80s) I tried to watch it and thought it was silly. However, last summer when SPACE channel became available in HD they kept running marathons of the new series Doctor Who seasons on Sundays. There was nothing to watch so I wound up turning it on and immediately fell in love with it. You really should give it a try when you get a chance...but I highly recommend that you start watching it from the beginning when Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor...If you just jump in headfirst into the current episodes with Matt Smith as the Doctor it could be hit or miss. The first season with Christopher hooks you in...and then David Tennant becomes the Doctor for the second season. Once you start watching David you will become addicted...he is just flawless as the Doctor and the scripts he is given to work with are some of the very best. Season Two with David/Doctor and his companion Billie Piper/Rose builds up a great romance in conjunction with some brilliant storylines. Season Three with David/Doctor and his new companion Martha is arguably the best for storylines though..most of my favourite episodes are in that season. Season Four introduces Catherine Tate as Donna, the new companion and she is arguably the best of the companions - a bit older, wiser and simply hysterical. Her and David work so very well together. After that comes the Matt Smith/Doctor era with his traveling companions, the Ponds. Matt is nothing like David. If you do watch Doctor Who, in chronological order, you will probably think there is no chance that Matt could ever be as good as David...yet Matt winds up stealing your heart in the role. He is so truly charming and quirky you can't help but like him. I find the storylines with Matt are not as strong as they were with David but every now and then there are some true gems in Seasons 5 and 6 (The Doctor's Wife, The Hungry Earth, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, Closing Time and pretty much any time River Song shows up). Definitely when the soccer season is over and you have nothing to watch I highly recommend you take some time to queue up the series. Even if you don't like sci-fi you will appreciate and enjoy it. Just a word of warning....if you do watch the series, keep some tissues handy for the season finale of Season 2 and in Season 3 when the episode entitled "Blink" comes on, if you are watching it for the first time, DO NOT WATCH IT LATE AT NIGHT....Also, two words: Captain Jack. You'll see...

GOT episode 3.2 was far more satisfying than the season premier. I forgot to mention how excited I was when Ser Barristan Selmy showed happy to have him back on the show and in Dany's entourage. I have always loved Sansa's story - I just hope they do it justice on screen as they do in the novels. My big worry with this season is there is just so much going on that unfortunately you won't be able to see too much of each of the characters. E.g. Arya and Jaime weren't even in the first episode.