TMI - Trailer #2

For reference, here is the recently released second trailer for The Mortal Instruments...

Not sure what accent Kevin Zegers is going with there but LOL. Lena Headey looks much better when she isn't wearing that crappy Cersei Lannister wig.  (spoiler...but not really) JRM looks way too young to be JCB's dad. I hate it when a movie/tv series is filmed in T.O....I wind up spending far too much time trying to figure out where exactly they are in the city *cough* *Cabbagetown* *cough*. Just putting it out there: Soundtrack = Florence + the Machine...who's with me on that one? There are two options for this movie - it will either turn out horrible and tank at the box office OR it will do so well at the box office that it will become an uber-annoying franchise circa Twilight. In other words, I'm bound to hate it eventually. But this does have JCB going for it...and for me that is a very good thing. BTW, it has been more or less confirmed that if this movie is successful, the two sequels will be filmed back to back. Yay for Toronto (assuming they will film here again). FYI the movie release date is August 23, 2013
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Thanks for this trailer post... was wondering about it... looking forward to seeing it in theaters.... :)