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TV Feedback - Mondays

It seems as though it has been forever since I last posted on LJ...but finally my horrid times here at my current place of employment are coming quickly to an end. For now I can at least state that the peak season is over and I literally have nothing to these days. Suffice to say LiveJournal will be the recipient of this new found free time.

I find I spend most of my LJ time discussing entertainment so I may as well get started with a recap of the tv series I watch and, in most cases, enjoy these days. I tend to get rather long-winded when I post (and rant) about these shows so I figure it may be best to tackle them one day at a time. Today - Monday nights:

The Voice/So You Think You Can Dance: I am sorry to say this but as much as I enjoy The Voice, Usher and Shakira were such great additions last season that I just can’t get into it this season. I suspect I’ll be watching it again when it gets down to the final few rounds though. I honestly can’t remember who won SYTYCD...did I even watch the finale?

Sleepy Hollow: This should be my favourite new fall series but in truth it ranks 2nd after Reign….mainly because I already expected to like this series whereas I thought Reign was going to be total crap. Love the dialogue, love the characters – great chemistry between the two leads (something I didn’t expect), love the twist on the Sleepy Hollow legend (especially turning the infamous ‘Horseman’ into one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…brilliant). Undeniably Tom Mison is swoon-worthy gorgeous as Ichabod. It’s a shame there are only going to be 13 episodes for Season 1 though. How long will I have to wait for Season 2?

Castle: Watching this off and on, mostly 'cause I just love Nathan Fillion (and I keep waiting for him to eat...don't ask, long story).

Stay tuned for: Tuesday nights (re: Marvel's Agents of Shield, Face Off, Person of Interest)
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