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How I spend my Tuesday nights....

Continuing my review of TV Series that I actually do watch...and on to Tuesdays....

Agents of Shield: This show is over-rated IMO. It’s good but it is not that good. I do like Agent Coulson...liked him in The Avengers and still like him in this show. For what it is worth, this show truly comes across as a Joss Whedon show; in my books that isn't necessarily a good thing. Firefly was an awesome series...but I still cringe at most of the dialogue from Buffy. Simply put - AoS isn’t anything special IMO. I’m only watching it because nothing else is on in the timeslot. If it were on at a different timeslot I doubt I wouldt even make the effort.

Face Off: Arguably the best of the reality shows…period. Finale is this week and I'm mixed as to whom I believe should win. Both Tate and Laura are simply amazing and deserve to win.

Person of Interest: I can't say as I like the shift to Tuesday night since it means I now have to DVR it instead of watching it live. That always annoys me. What’s up with POI this year? It seems as though they want to take the focus off Reese & Finch and place it on to the girls – Root, Shaw and Carter. This shift is both good and bad. Although I absolutely love the addition of Shaw as a regular (definitely one of my fav tv characters), I could give or take Root. As for Carter, I really hate that she is no longer a detective...but I suspect that is merely a temporary thing. I just miss the Reese/Finch dynamic that formed the fundamental basis of this show. Yes it is still there but its seems to be inconsequential and, dare I say, irrelevant. Also, Fusco??? He had a great story arc developing and now just seems to be going nowhere. Umph…I love this show and my gods do I love Shaw but so many little things about the new season are just annoying me. Is it wrong that I miss Elias?
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