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Arrow: Let’s break this one right down to the core. I liked this show last season. LIKED is the word. It had much to like - decent plot, semi-compelling characters. It wasn't a favourite, yet it was a show I would never consider missing. So the bar was not set too high for this season. It aims so so hard to please. But just so many little things are annoying me about the writing this season. The one incredibly HUGE issue I have so far = why would Oliver, who is doing all that he can to not ‘fail the city’, ever abandon it in its time of crisis? The Glades come crashing down and he goes AWOL. Are you kidding me? I get that he is grieving and upset…but does it justify him leaving his family and friends behind. And let’s not even get into the issues I have with the lack of knowledge of corporate procedure. OMG NO SUCCESSFUL CORPORATION WOULD EVER BE RUN LIKE QUEEN INDUSTRIES. No Board or Execs to take over in Moira’s absence? Felicity going from IT to an exec asst? Oliver waltzing back in and taking over like NOTHING happened? And of course he can, ‘cause he gained so much experience on the island to ensure that he is completely capable of running a major corporation *rolls eyes*. Supposedly savvy Isabel Rochev waited how long to attempt a corporate takeover? NO NO NO…just wrong. And then there is Laurel…I try to like this girl, I do. For the love of the gods, writers please do something nice for her. Give her a decent plotline and some positive attributes. You have literally given her zero redeeming qualities – there is nothing I like about her – except her excellent fashion sense (although I argue she would never be able to wear half the stuff she wears to work…it’s a tad much). Last week’s episode, Broken Dolls, she reaches this epiphany about herself and how she is the one who is truly responsible for Tommy’s death…omg I just wanted to smack her. Get a life. And now she is potentially an alcoholic??? Yikes. There are some redeeming factors of course: I do enjoy Thea and Roy. Roy has been arguably the most likeable and interesting of the characters this season. Oh yes, and Laurel’s dad is far more enjoyable in S2. I much prefer him working with the Arrow (or whatever he is formally calling himself now). As much as I do enjoy the Felicity/Oliver relationship, and I really do enjoy it, it seems as though the writers are going out of their way to bring the two together. I know the fans want it to happen but for credibility sake I don’t see the need to have to them incessantly make up these incredulous scenarios and ostensible innuendos clearly contrived to appease Olicity fans. Just let the two be so we can enjoy their friendship for what it is. And now we have the Black Canary…the most obvious reveal EVER on a tv series. Like we didn’t see that coming for a mile away….Can we please get John Barrowman back?! (Sidenote: as  critical as I am of this series, it still arguably in my top five)

Tomorrow People: It’s too early for me to make a legit comment on this show. I have watched the first episode – it was okay. I’ve dvr-ed the remainder. I’m honestly just waiting till Berkely Duffield guest stars and then will come the final verdict if ithe series is hit or miss.
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