Thursday TV...a busy night

On Thursdays we have:

Big Bang Theory: It amazes me how this show remains consistently funny after all these seasons. Good job as always. Please give Raj a gf.

The Vampire Diaries: Nope…not watching this show anymore. And I’m not missing it.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: This show is hard to pin down. Why is it not on back-to-back with the original Once Upon a Time? I love the original series but Wonderland, not so much. The problem with this show is the villains. For me to truly like/love a show/movie, it must have an enjoyable villain. Why do you think The Avengers was so successful? Loki was the best part of that movie. On the small screen, for example, in OUAT, Rumpelstiltskin and Regina are both such compelling characters – they dominate all the scenes they are in - and provide a perfect balance to play off the o.d. of saccharin from the likes of Snow and Charming. On Wonderland though, we have Jafar and the Red Queen and neither one are even remotely likeable or interesting. I cringe when either or, gods forbid, both are on screen. With the big (but oh-so-obvious) reveal from the last episode (that the Red Queen was the Knave’s former love), I can at least say I found Anastasia far more enjoyable - and tolerable – so there is some hope for her. Not so much for Jafar.  I’m not a fan of the Wonderland cast of characters either – that is, the c.g., non-human entourage. I feel like I’m back in the Mos Eisley Cantina…but unfortunately Han Solo isn’t going to show up any time soon and I’m stuck with a bunch of boring, digitized half-breeds. What keeps me coming back to this show is Alice herself and her companion, the Knave of Hearts. Their characters actually take us on an introspective journey – akin to something you would expect to find in a full length feature. I truly enjoy the love story between Alice and Cyrus, as well as all the efforts she is making to get back to him. And I usually don’t like romance. Odd, but this one works for me. Any time Sebastian Stan wants to come back though, I’m good….just sayin’.

Reign:  is my favourite new series this fall. I suspect it is because I set my expectations so low for this show…and perhaps I need a decent period piece to fill the void left from The Borgias. Yes it is a complete train-wreck in terms of historical accuracy but it is lavish, lush and a full of eye candy (scenery, wardrobe and cast). I cannot compliment this series enough on the wardrobe; I don’t think a week goes by without me wanting to raid Mary’s closet. That gown she wore on the first episode is arguably one of the most beautiful I have ever seen (and not that I would ever get married – but if I did this dress is my first choice). Bonus points for Catherine de’Medici and Nostradamus…and the fact that Toronto is now masquerading as Renaissance France…LOL. Add this show to the ever-increasing list of fav shows filmed in my hometown (re: Orphan Black, Defiance, Copper, Lost Girl)

Graceland: A summer replacement series which has long since concluded its first season. Quite truthfully the reason I watched this show is because EW suggested that if you like H50 you would like this show. And I did. It was honestly better than I had expected. However, it tested the realms of believability – the situations and consequent actions of the characters just didn’t jive. I bought that most of them were extremely smart and streetwise yet at times they would just do the most ridiculous, completely out of character things. Anyhow, I stuck with it because the lead characters (Mike, Briggs, Charli) were genuinely compelling and the plot contained just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.

Under the Dome: Writing about Graceland reminded me that I forgot to include the now concluded S1 of UTD in my review of Monday nights That should say something right there. What to mention about UTD? Hmm…well it was good. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. I just don’t think it really went anywhere this season. Characters and plot were all over the board. Perhaps the inconsistencies were because it was one of those summer filler type shows (circa Graceland), and the network didn’t know if it would be liked/hated/renewed/cancelled. It didn't help that it was based on the Stephen King novel since I honestly thought it was going to be a one off mini-series that more-or-less just followed the book. I take it that wasn't the case since S2 is on its way. I expect S2 to have a little more bite...and logic...to it. Best part of the show = the fact that niviene is loving it so much. I love it when my bf is happy, and this show makes her happy.
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