Remember...remember...the 5th of Nov...for a Tom Hiddleston triple bill...

I think I'll switch up my post today (and likely tomorrow as well) for some aural and visual stimuli...courtesy of Tom Hiddleston. With the imminent North American release of Thor 2: The Dark World, Hiddles is making the rounds on all the talk shows. For your pleasure, below are his recent appearances on Chatty Man and Chelsea Lately...along with a cute promo appearance as Loki, facing off against a number of young Thor fans....

The boy can dance...and is that CRAIG (aka, Stormageddon's dad) I see??

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here when I say I'm pretty certain that at least 60% of the kids would prefer Loki to Thor...although I can guarantee they would ALL prefer the Hulk, period.

Tom was also on Chelsea Lately...and Chelsea was so totally flirting with him...not that any woman in her right mind wouldn't. Tom managed to deal her with the usual grace and flair that only he is able to pull off. [Update:I had initially posted the video but alas it has been taken down...try to find it on Youtube if you get a chance. It is definitely worth watching]...Tonight, Stephen Amell is forced to endure his five+ mins with Chelsea...I doubt he will be quite so umm, acquiescent.
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