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Face Off...Loki vs Arrow

Finale of Face Off was last night. (spoilers ahead) I'm happy to say that Laura won. However, I'm also upset that Tate lost. Those two were both amazing and definitely deserved to be in the finals. Arguably Laura's body of work was a bit better - I don't think there was ever a bad week for her. Overall though, Tate had more well thought out concepts - his work would completely embodied the various projects that were assigned. If I were to base the decision exclusively on the efforts for the finale, I would have chosen Tate. Plus Tate spent a good portion of time throughout the season HELPING everyone out with THEIR projects in addition to completing his own. He is a true champion.

In other news, and following up on the Hiddles' videos of yesterday, I thought I'd allot some of my LJ space to a fun interview with Stephen Amell. Alas, it seems I cannot embed it so I'll link you up  = the interview is from the KTLA morning show in which he does a great job cutting up Mayor Ford (I'm now afraid he may seriously consider a career in politics...<_<)...Arguably one of the most enjoyable components of his interviews are his Toronto-isms. And for the most part he does a great job representing my hometown. I'm assuming that Chelsea Lately tapes several interviews on one day and then airs them all later throughout the week since both Hiddles (who guested on Monday night) and Stephen (who guested on Tuesday night)  met up backstage for a photo op which Stephen posted to his Twitter (see LJ cut below). Love the comments and I admit that was exactly how I read the tweet as well the first time...I had to do a double take...LOL

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