Thank God for Friday nights...

Back to my Fall TV series feedback...where did I leave off? Ah, yes, Friday nights...

Grimm: Grimm just returned and we are only a couple of weeks in so it is difficult to really offer any comments. I just hope the show keeps being as enthralling as it has been in the previous years. Also, here’s to Juliette returning to her formidable self. She was wasted last season. I’m also hoping to see more of Adalind – I hated her character at first but she has grown on me. Note to writers: please give Sgt. Wu more on screen time – he’s a riot. Best one-liners this side of Monroe.

Dracula: Oh dear what to say about this. When I first heard Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was going to play Dracula, circa the ORIGINAL Dracula, I was so excited by the prospect. Very well cast – I can’t imagine too many others who could be better as a true Victorian-era, old-school vampire. But wahhhh…I feel like I’m watching some hybrid of The Great Gatsby, the life of Howard Hughes and The Count of Monte Cristo…and not in a good way. That accent? Whose idea was it to set this in the States and not the UK. I’ll giving it a few more weeks since the second ep was a million times better than the first…we’ll see how it goes from here on.

DaVinci’s Demons: Yes, I know, season one is now in the books and I have the blu-ray sitting on my shelf waiting to be re-watched in the sometime distant future (likely just prior to S2). I expected this show to be a complete flop and boy was I wrong. I’ll argue I may have enjoyed this series as much as and maybe even more so than The Borgias. The historicity was pitifully off – I wonder how many people will think Leonardo Da Vinci actually killed Vlad Tepes as a result of this show? And then there is the odd retelling of the Pazzi Conspiracy. Quidquid. I wash my hands to the whole affair. Still it had the flaky genius, his enigmatic mentor, his trusty sidekicks, his insanely rich and uber-brilliant benefactor, the token hot guy, a plethora of gorgeous women in (and oft out of) spectacular clothes (don’t worry, there were equal parts male nudity to counter), a creepy villain and, of course, the requisite evil Catholic Church references. Ahh the Italian Renaissance….you gotta love it.

H50: YAY!! My VARP….arguably the best tv bro-mance you could ever want. This is my comfort show…everything seems all right in the world when McGarrett and Danno are around. Hmmm, arguably not enough Kamekona this year though. And can we speed up the Kono plot and get her back to Hawaii already.
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