Doctor Who - 11 Notes

Saturday nights...

A quick look at my Saturday TV schedule:

Doctor Who: It is what it is. Season 7 was a bit of a bore IMO. Clara was okay as a companion but not anything special. I preferred Madame Vastra and Jenny (and Strax)  TBT. The episodes themselves weren't that great except of course for the brilliant 'Nightmare in Silver' penned by Neil Gaiman. Arguably that may have been Matt Smith's finest performance as the Doctor. The show itself will return at some point in 2014 with the new Doctor. I’m reserving judgment until I actually see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. For now though, I’m  looking forward to the 50th and watching Matt and David together. I’ll be seeing it in the theatre in 3D. A preview is scheduled for release today...I can't wait!! In the interim, SPACE has been airing weekly specials devoted to each of the Doctors. I enjoyed the first two Doctors and loved the 8th Doctor....he was adorable. I guess next week will be David and Matt's episodes. I'm curious to see what will air as the "highlight" episodes for 10 and 11.

Atlantis: This show wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as it is if it weren’t for Mark Addy. It’s another pseudo-legend, pseudo-historical-fiction series in the manner of Xena, Robin Hood and Merlin before it. Same old, same old. For the record, I liked the other three shows much better. (Although TBT I have yet to watch the entire Robin Hood series…it’s sitting on my shelf; as for Merlin, I honestly can’t remember a single thing that happened in the final season; as for Xena, I really should purchase that series and rewatch it – I wonder if I will still look so fondly upon it)

Orphan Black: Gah…absolute sheer and utter perfection. My favourite show by far. Every time I watch an episode I’m simply amazed byTatiana Maslany's performance. This is the first series I’ve wanted to watch and rewatch again and again. I can hardly find anything to fault….except maybe that I have to wait 6 months longer for S2. Dear OB marketing: please, please make a book of Felix-isms. He should be quoted by all on a daily basis.
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