Thor: The Dark World

I, like millions of others, attended a screening of Thor: The Dark World this weekend. I’ll try not to make this post too spoiler-ific. If you are a fan of the superhero genre, go see this movie as you will definitely enjoy it. It was the perfect follow up to both the original Thor as well as The Avengers. The character of Thor has definitely evolved since the first film – he is a bit older and definitely a lot wiser. While Chris Hemsworth appears custom made for the role of Thor, in the original Thor movie Natalie Portman seemed oddly cast as Jane Foster. Thankfully, Natalie was MUCH better in this film as she seems to have embraced the nuances of her character. Of course Kat Dennings was adorable her supporting role…and the new ‘intern’ was sweet; he reminded me of Doctor Who’s Rory (wahhh, I miss him!!). I guess the only issue I had with the support cast was that they did not receive enough airtime in the movie – especially Sif and Heimdall (so much untapped potential with those characters). That said, I’ll sacrifice some extra time devoted to the supporting characters if it means a shorter movie. These superhero movies tend to drag on and on….Avengers seemed like it would never end. This film clocks in at a neat 112 mins which is just about right IMO. Christopher Eccleston did an admirable job as the villain Malekith. I hope there will be more of his character in the future (spoiler: notice how they never actually show Malekith die...we are left to just assume it happened based on the circumstances. Like so many other parts of this film, don't be so easily deceived.) As good a job as he did, Malekith was no Loki. Sadly though, although Loki did play a relatively large role in this film, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Loki/Tom is just so so very entertaining – taking the character from one extreme to another – and flawlessly managing/justifying those transitions. I maintain Loki will have his own feature Marvel film in the future.

If you plan on watching this movie be sure to stay for the entire credits…there are two additional scenes. The first one comes mid-way through the credits. Most people do wait around for the first scene since it does show up relatively quickly (most people haven't put their coats on yet by the time it comes on). The first additional scene foreshadows future events in the series. However, if you do not stay till the final credits are over, you miss a somewhat lengthy final scene which manages to tie up the loose ends in this film. You won’t want to miss it.

Bonus: There were three excellent trailers prior to the film: 47 Ronin, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and XMen: Days of Future Past. Yes, I’ve seen all three already….but so much better seeing them on the big screen. 
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