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A rare night out...

On Wednesday evening I did something I RARELY do on a weeknight - I went out...at night...after dark. Why pray tell did I leave my nice warm condo to brave the cold and darkness of a harsh November evening? To see (well, rather, to hear) Heather Dale perform. She was brilliant as always. She radiates such a positive energy it is a pleasure to be in her presence. This time round she was accompanied by S.J. Tucker, an artist of a similar mode. The theme for the evening's performances was fairy tales, myths and legends (right up my alley)...and that meant songs with themes covering everything from Alice in Wonderland to Arthurian legend. Twas a pleasure as always and I look forward to seeing her again possibly as early as this spring (but I no doubt will be hearing her all the time since my roommate niviene pretty much keeps HD and SJT on permanent replay mode...LOL)
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