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Top Ten Doctor Who episodes...

In honour of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, Digital Spy has named the top ten episodes in Who history as follows:

The countdown...
10. 'The Aztecs'
9. 'The Daemons'
8. 'The Tomb of the Cybermen' (ooh, I just watched this was excellent!!!)
7. 'The Eleventh Hour'
6. 'Inferno'
5. 'Midnight'
4. 'The Talons of Weng Chiang'
3. 'Genesis of the Daleks'
2. 'Blink'
1. ‘Girl in the Fireplace’

I would agree with #1 and #2 but always vacillate as to which one I genuinely prefer…some days it’s Girl in the Fireplace and other days I would say Blink. Everything about Girl in the Fireplace is made of awesome….Sophia Myles (one of my fav actresses), her on screen chemistry with David, the brilliant character of Reinette, the clothing, the story itself (a genuinely romantic and truly epic storyline for Ten), wonderfully creepy villains, and, amazing but true – it was the very first episode of Doctor Who that I watched so I have nothing but fond memories of it (even though I don’t believe the Doctor would basically abandon Rose and Mickey like that…quidquid).  However, I am a little surprised that this list fails to include either one of the Neil Gaiman penned episodes and I argue that at least one if not both are worthy of this list. If we narrow down the list to just the new version of Doctor Who (featuring 9, 10, or 11) I would definitely include the Vincent Van Gogh episode as well. It honestly is better than both Midnight and The Eleventh Hour IMO. Midnight is a good one though….scary good, second only to Blink in the ‘Don’t Watch this Episode for the first time if you are alone and it is after midnight’ category. And how can you NOT include Stormageddon on the greatest hits list!! Both episodes (The Lodger and Closing Time) where Eleven is thrown into modern day England and doing just your basic day-to-day stuff makes for the best comedy EVER on this series (right up there with Ten and Donna…oh gosh, don’t even get me started with Doctor/Donna…ROFLOL). I still argue that Craig Owens should have been Eleven's companion for those first five episodes of Series Seven rather than the  farewell (and completely unnecessary) journeys with Rory and Amy. What a Bromance that could have been (…with Stormageddon in tow)…
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