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2 YAYS and a NAY

What a week this has been for some of fav tv series….


The jaw dropping reveal on OUAT and the tear-jerker final scene of POI were definitely highlights of the season (so far) for me…both exciting and devastating in their own right. Kudos to the actor playing Peter Pan …he is well on his way to ousting Joffrey Lannister as the most wickedly evil underage twerp on TV. I absolutely love hating him. That said, he may also be the best character addition that OUAT has ever made (*sigh* why couldn’t they have given Hook more umph…he’s charming and handsome enough, don’t get me wrong, but when I see what they have done with Pan it just seems like they dropped the ball with Hook…so sad as he really hasd so much potential…I can’t even re: Tink) . Of course you know this means Pan will not be around much longer (gosh I hope I am wrong on that account). I take it that since Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant in real life, and since Snow has hinted that she wants another baby, it looks like the plot for next season is already set. Oh yay, another person for Henry to be related to. Is there anyone in Storybrooke/enchanted lands that he ISN'T related to?

As for POI, I was warned that one of the main characters was going to be killed off. I figured since the previews kept pushing Fusco that it was a total red herring and it would not be him. Definitely not Reese or Finch…there would be no show without either of them. I hoped it was Root and prayed it was NOT Shaw (she is pretty much my fav character on TV these days). Nevertheless, I guess with the ultimate take down of HR in the manner necessary, the conclusion seemed appropriate. Sad…but appropriate. I pity Officer Simmons (not really)…I trust his number will be coming up real soon, whether or not the machine selects it is, wait for it....irrelevant.

As for best episodes this season, I wish I could say the same for Arrow. WTF last night…so many stupid moments. Overall it was a decent show with a lot of tense moments – it did resolve a few issues, paved the way for the rest of the season and even managed to up some new storylines. However, I did throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air-in-disgust for two scenes - re: the Count knowing about Oliver ‘cause apparently a petty criminal can put two and two together but clearly NO ONE ELSE including Oliver’s friends, family and the Starling City police force have that ability…and re: Moira’s big secret reveal (aka so-called ‘Trump Card’) ‘cause clearly THAT is such CRUCIAL info it would turn the tide of the case and ruin her life/relationship with her family????!!!! Really??? *rolls eyes* (i personally think what was revealed later on was more devastating in terms of relationship with her family) There were also at least a half-dozen roll-eyes moments (1-2 mos. on the job Laurel taking over and, surprise surprise, cross-examining Moira; the whole Adam situation (eesh, poor Dylan); the big Malcolm reveal x 2; Felicity’s perfectly timed crisis…meh, everything was so painfully predictable. I don’t understand…last week’s episode was near perfect as far as Arrow goes. So many great moments in Russia…Diggle was brilliant, the script was fluid and well dialogued....I loved it when Isabelle called Oliver out for giving Felicity a ‘raise’…haha…exactly what I thought/said. Finally some logic on the show…Alas, this week, aside from the brilliant work of Seth Gabel as the Count and the Olicity moment (yes that one), I can’t say there was much I really enjoyed. I guess I am just being picky. No, actually I think it is me being annoyed as I see the potential of this show and it could be WAY better than what it is. Wait, this is the CW right? Forget what I just said.
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