This evening I went to the “David Bowie is…” exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The 411 on the exhibit is as follows: “Spanning five decades and featuring more than 300 objects from Bowie’s personal archive, this totally immersive multimedia show celebrates the groundbreaking artist’s collaborations in the fields of fashion, sound, theatre, art and film.” It was a great exhibit if you enjoyed Bowie, particularly the early years and Bowie from the 70s. It shed a lot of insight into his formative years and his creative genius. I myself knew Bowie better from the 80s with his Let’s Dance album and his Glass Spiders tour (THAT, by the way, was what a concert should be like IMO – not this stuff they try to pawn off today as concerts…arguably only Lady Gaga gets the whole concert experience correct IMO). The Bowie exhibit was lacking in terms of 80s memorabilia. The problem I had with this exhibit was simply due to some poor planning on my side – I made the mistake of seeing it on a Friday night. It was too crowded to really take in the entire exhibit. Long lines made for lots of waiting time. With the early closure (the AGO shust down at 8:30 PM on a Friday night??? That is insane!!) I found myself zooming through the last few rooms of the exhibit just to ensure that I saw everything. If you go to this exhibit, book to see it on a weekday if you are able and go early in the day so you can take your time visiting each of the rooms. Also, just as a sidenote, the exhibit was ridiculously overpriced IMO. I recall going to many exhibits that were similar to the Bowie one (i.e. Game of Thrones, James Bond – 007, Lord of the Rings, XMen, etc.) in that they displayed props, clothing, memorabilia and I’m pretty sure most if not all of those exhibits were free ticketed entrance. If any were actually priced, I can’t recall any of them being more expensive than $10-15 tops. This exhibit was a whopping $30 and for the life of me I cannot figure out why that pricepoint was warranted…
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