Gallifrey Falls No More...

Day of the Doctor was everything I had hoped for. I watched it live at home and will be seeing again in 3D in the theatre on Monday. So much to take in in one sitting but here are some of my thoughts…(spoilers ahead)...


  • Just seeing Matt and David together. It was Who-gasm. I maintain they would have been each other’s best companions…oh the possibilities...oh the paradox (pair-o-docs?...sorry for the bad pun but I just had to)...

  • John Hurt as the Doctor. Oh gosh was he good. Leaves you wanting more. Why couldn’t they have just made a mini-season (5 episodes) leading up to the 50th anniversary with John Hurt as 8.5? As funny as Matt and David were, I honestly think John offered the best comedy of the episode with his eyerolls and constant calling out and chastising of the two future doctors for acting and talking like children.

  • Happy that Gallifrey is back and the potential for more Time Lords to show up. (However, I’m still not 100% sold on taking away that tragic storyline from the Doctor’s past - it was a major component to who he is/was….)

  • Clara – this was arguably the first episode (aside from her intro episode as Oswin Oswald) that I really and truly enjoyed her in. She worked better with John Hurt than with Matt TBT so I’m crossing fingers that she will work as well with Capaldi.

  • Tom Baker/the Curator hinting that we may not have seen the last of the former Doctors…PLEASE bring back Eight!!! ( 11: “I never forget a face.” Curator: “I know you don’t. And in the years to come, you might find yourself revisiting a few. But just the old favorites.”)

Fav Quotes/Moments (I know I’ll forget a bunch so I may wind up editing this later after the rewatch….)

Interface referring to 11 and 10: “The man who forgets and the man who regrets”

8.5 upon meeting 10 and 11:
8.5: "Well who are you boys? Oh, of course! Are you his companions?"
11: Companions?!!” (and 10’s facial expression just adding to the humour...!!!)

11: “It’s a… uh, timey-wimey thing.”
8.5: “‘Timey’ what? ‘Timey-wimey’?”
10: “I’ve no idea where he picks that stuff up.”

Upon returning to the in-transition Tardis console room:
11: “Hey look, the round things!”
10: “I love the round things.”
11: “What are the round things?”
10: “No idea.”

Also 10’s feedback re: 11’s Tardis console room: “You’ve redecorated! I don’t like it”…

8.5’s reaction to seeing the future doctors using the sonic screwdrivers :“Am I having a midlife crisis? Why are you pointing your screwdrivers like that? They’re scientific instruments not water pistols!” And then later as 10 and 11 are waving around their sonic screwdivers at their combatants, 8:5: “Oh the pointing again. They’re screwdrivers! What are you going to do? Assemble a cabinet at them?”

8.5 (with arguably my fav funny moment of the entire show) – as the three Doctors go forward in the Tardis with their plan to save Gallifrey:
11: “Geronimo!”
10: “Allons-y!”
8.5 (reacting to 10 and 11): “Oh, for godssake.”

When 10 saysI don’t want to goand 11 follows up with,He always says that.” (sad and beautiful at the same time)

And 10 also getting to repeat the infamous...“I'm the Doctor, I'm 904 years old. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterbourus. I am the Oncoming Storm, the Bringer of Darkness....”

Arguably though, and surprisingly my fav quote of the night belongs to Billie Piper/Interface:
“You know the sound the Tardis makes? That wheezing, groaning? That sound brings hope wherever it goes. To anyone who hears it, Doctor. Anyone. However lost. Even you.”
(That quote pretty much sums up my sentiments towards Doctor Who entirely)


  • Even though she is not my favourite companion, if Billie Piper had returned as Rose I wouldn’t have complained. However, returning in the guise that she did, it annoyed me to no end that the rest of the companions didn’t get a chance to come back as well. There was no reason not to let each of them assume the role of the interface at various times throughout the episode. Not fair!

  • In the same vein, I was disturbed that ONLY Colin Baker of the classic Doctors was singled out for a cameo return. Really, they all should have all had one or none at all.

  • Moffatt – don’t get me wrong, I actually did enjoy the episode and I thought he did a great job. I just wish that Russell T Davies could have collaborated….he could have done so much more with David’s Doctor. With Moffat as the head, the show turned a little Eleven-centric IMO. Moffatt gets Eleven, Davies gets Ten - the two together would have made for magic. (but that was never gonna happen so I'm not surprised)

  • Zygon plot line just failed for me utterly. Was it even resolved? And do not get me started on Elizabeth I (although it does explain the bit from the Shakespeare Code episode – that is the one with Liz ranting in the end at Ten, right?)

  • When/how did the Tardis go from hating Clara to loving her…now she just snaps her fingers and the doors close? IDK. Actually the whole Tardis-hating-Clara storyline never made any sense to me in the first place. If Clara was going to help the Doctor throughout history and even bring the Doctor together with his Tardis then why would the Tardis ever hate her in the first place?

All minor concerns though – they did not spoil the happy place that that this episode put me in. Thank you to all involved. Can’t wait to see it Monday night in the theatre!!
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Try and track down the 5 and a half doctors half hour piece written by peter davison. It is really enjoyable, and sort of explains a lot. Was shown after in the uk x
Thanks - I did find the half hour video and plan on watching it with my roommate...now we just need to find the time to watch it...LOL

I've heard it is great.