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Sunday night shows....

I think I've reviewed all nights so far save the best one, Sunday...basically from 7 PM onwards I’m hooked…

Once Upon A Time: What an odd show you have become. Not surprising is the Lost connection – same writing pool. And boy can you ever tell. Hmm, Season 2, just like Lost, – let’s arbitrarily add a whole bunch of new characters and some offbeat storylines so we can go absolutely nowhere with them…( presumably somewhere down the line they will just get rid of/forget about them like they did on Lost). But then there is the positive: Hook, and Neal. Alas, the scheduling of this series was in all honestly its greatest downfall last season. You were lucky to get maybe 3-4 new episodes in a row, then it would go on hiatus for maybe 5 weeks and return for another 3 and then you would get repeats and so on and so on. There was no cohesion. You lost track of what was going on and what was germane.  Frankly all I remember from last season was the fabulous episode – The Miller’s Daughter – and the S2 finale and how incredibly gorgeous Colin O’Donoghue was. This year at least they are promising 11 new episodes airing consecutively in the fall and then in the spring. Enjoying that plan immensely. Also enjoying the creepy genius that is Peter Pan. Also enjoying that they are exclusively focusing on the shipmates and purposely, I think, trying to make you forget about what is going on in Storybrooke itself. Good moves all round. I personally think I would have made a better Tinkerbell though. Little Mermaid to come...

Amazing Race:  The VARP du jour: Team Wesen (fyi Nicky is really getting on my nerves…but Halloween was FAB-U-LOUS this year, thanks Monroe)

True Blood: This needs to be said: Jason Stackhouse is the highlight of this series. He never ceases to make me LOL. Storyline is meh…but Jason is worth it.

Copper: Aww, I just want Corky to finally have something good happen to him ….his life has been one big giant chaotic mess. Someone give him a hug please. Fact: Elizabeth and Robert are the best couple on tv. I’m not being sarcastic here. They are so suited to each other - a perfect match. It’s quite funny to watch them work so hard to NOT get along and consistently find reasons to be mad at each other. Can’t wait till she gets pregnant. You know it’ll happen.

Defiance: Arguably my second favourite show these days…and also filmed here in Toronto (although you would never know…it’s all studio). Very rare for me to say I love ALL the characters on a series. This show has a huge cast…and everyone is brilliant. In fact it is difficult to pinpoint a favourite. I can’t even begin to describe this series – it’s like a mish mash of the best parts of a bunch of great SciFi shows all coming together to form this perfect unit. Can’t wait for season two!!

Lost Girl: It’s funny how I watch this show religiously yet I haven’t got a clue what happened on it. Perhaps that tells you how memorable it is. I have to say that I do love the addition of Tamsin – she is pretty much my fav character now. However, if I could wish for anything for this season it would be to see more of Hale. He virtually disappeared last season.

Continuum: I have S2 on the DVR and I haven’t watch one second of it. We’ll see if/when I do.

Game of Thrones: You know it’s probably right about now that I should state it was far more enjoyable reading the books than watching the series. That is not to say I don’t love the series….I just loved the books more.There are moments I want to see so badly and when they happen they just never seem to live up to my expectations. I kind of wish I never read the books as I suspect the series is probably more enjoyable for those who have no idea what is coming. Yay though – RW is over…and now comes arguably the best period in the books (the final dozen chapters in Book Three). I hope they don’t mess with it too much. ’m reserving my judgement on the Red Viper. He is as cool as Jaqen…and they better do him (and the Dornes) justice. Oooh boy the finale for S4 will likely bring the roof down. A lot of characters doing 180s this year…some shocking ones at that. We’ll see how it plays through in the series as opposed to the novels.

The Borgias: I hate to say this but I have yet to watch S3. I have the blu-ray. It’s just not the same without Juan (gods how it pains me to say that).
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