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The sexiest man alive?! Really?!!

People Magazine has named the winners of this year’s ‘sexiest man alive’. After viewing the list I have to ask, what ‘people’ made this determination ‘cause really :/ someone needs to be blamed for this fiasco. For some really horrid pics of the winners (Note: there have to be better pics of these guys floating around the internet - how they came up with these nasties is beyond me), go here.

And the winners are: Adam Levine (NO, just no...*headdesk*), Idris Elba (OK), Luke Bryan (never heard of him – nor do I want/need to), Jimmy Fallon (are you kidding me?), Bruno Mars (maybe if this was 1982), Jonathan and Drew Scott (if I wanted brothers I’d go for the Hemsworths), Justin Timberlake (bye, bye, bye), Chris Pine (FINALLY SOMEONE I ACTUALLY LIKE AND DEEM WORTHY OF THIS LIST…but that pic they chose, ugggh), Pharrell Williams (*shakes head*), Ronan Farrow (again, never heard of this one, and clearly that is no major loss), Justin Theroux (wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley), David Beckham (I could name a dozen more attractive/sexy football players)…

I realize that beauty (and sexiness) is a matter of personal taste…but, again, really? This is the best People can come up with??!! Adam Levine??? He’s okay and I get that some women (and men) may find him attractive… but I sincerely doubt the average person would consider him the ‘sexiest man alive’. Heck, I wouldn’t even consider him the sexiest man on The Voice. He is pretty average IMO and, come to think of it, my dentist looks a bit like him...LOL. Can we not just revert back to last year’s winner, Channing Tatum, a far more well-deserved victor? To be fair, I think niviene is a good judge of ‘beautiful’ men and I would pretty much rank most of her ‘men’ (Mike Vogel, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Taylor Kitsch, Paul Walker, etc.) as more appropriate choices for this list.  That said, even with my somewhat unconventional taste, I’d argue my top five ( in alpha order = Stephen Amell, Dylan Bruce, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Colin O’Donoghue) are at least as good as if not far superior to the so-called People’s version of the Sexiest Man Alive. TBT, I’d even choose the Doctors (yes, even THAT one) over the People’s roster.  
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