Doctor Who - Tardis Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and  you know what that means...time for the Doctor Who Christmas specials marathon on SPACE. In retrospect, the Doctor Who Christmas specials are usually pretty depressing. It seems like there is always a horrible tragedy befalling earth and, if the Doctor isn't trying to save the planet, he is inevitably regenerating on Christmas Day. I still can't watch The End of Time without sobbing non stop whenever Donna's grandfather and Ten are on screen together...the four knocks...*wimpers*....*sigh* maybe I shouldn't watch that special for sanity sake. For a quick primer this webpage ranks the modern Christmas specials and for the most part I agree with their rankings (except I really enjoyed The Next Doctor and hated The Snowmen) I admit that I prefer Ten's specials to Eleven's which is somewhat odd given that Matt is so prime for those Victorian-y epics...meh, David got the better writers.  OK so maybe it won't be exclusively a Doctor Who marathon at the Lady Croft house...Nativity with Martin Freeman will certainly lift my spirits. If you haven't watched that Christmas movie please track it's arguably my fav Christmas flick...
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