What 2014 has in store for Virgos...

A general overview for Virgos in 2014...

"Virgo has a better year than before. Your mind would be at ease comparatively although pressures will be very high till March 2014. Negativity will give way to hard work and a determination to fix the problems that you are facing in life. July 2014 onwards your mind will open up and your problems of the past will go away due to your efforts. Income will jump up substantially after June 2014. There will be a celebration in the family after June 2014 too. Beyond November 2014 your growth will start in a new cycle. There would be new opportunities due to your own hard work and creativity.By the end of 2014 you will find yourself in a very positive and a new cycle of growth."

(Upon further reading I discovered that apparently Virgos have been in a blah cycle for the past few years and I can so attest to that being true. They say this [2014] is the last of the 'dull' years and that 2015 is supposed to mark the start of a much more positive cycle. I really hope and pray that is true).
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Sounds great for Virgos! I'm a Virgo too and can attest that the past year or so have been, if not miserable, blah at least! I'm sure looking forward to a better 2014! :)