Doctor Who - 11 Boom

The Time of the Doctor

I shall describe Matt Smith’s farewell Doctor Who episode in one word: DISAPPOINTING. In comparison to David Tennant’s final episode it truly seems as though Matt got the short end of the deal.The only thing arguably wrong with David’s brilliant finale was the fact that the episode focused almost as much on the Master. Other than that, The End of Time was everything you could have wanted. I still cry whenever it is on. I don’t think I even teared up once during Matt’s final episode. I would have been happy if they had just cut out the whole story and fast forwarded to the last ten minutes which were the best part of the episode. Nice to see the return of Amy Pond but I kind of expected something like that. I just hoped for a little bit more than that brief homage. The regeneration itself was just so darned abrupt it didn’t even give you time to comprehend it. Boom, done…and there is Capaldi. I’ll admit though that Capaldi had a better entrance than I expected and I am now a little more positive and hopeful about the upcoming season. I still maintain I would have preferred seeing John Hurt in the role as 8.5 for at least a mini-season…ah well.

For some Doctor Who farewell trivia, here is an updated visual guide to the opening and closing lines for each of the Doctors. I think I like 8, 8.5 and 9’s the best.

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