Cheer Up

So that is why everyone is all so sad?

Today, January 6, 2014, will be the most miserable day of the year according to some researchers. It’s called “Blue Monday” and today people all over the country were:

  • Loathing their first day back to work or school (in my case, that involves actually finding a job)

  • Worried about money spent over the holidays (thankfully not me)

  • Affected by bad weather (yes, definitely me - especially with the weather we have had lately)

  • Regretting failed resolutions from previous year (definitely not me)

Millions are returning to work after time off for the holidays and they’re facing the facts–the big price tag that came with all the gifts… Others are worried about weather, or relationship trouble, or their New Year’s resolutions. If that’s not bad enough, today has also been dubbed “Divorce Monday” by lawyers because it’s the most popular day to start divorce proceedings. People aren’t just ready to quit their marriages, but their jobs, also, with 80% of workers actively looking for new employment on this day. Oddly enough, researchers say the happiest days of the year are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day. The happiest days come a few days before the most miserable!

Cheer up everyone...tomorrow is another day :)
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