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GoT Season Four Trailer....

Watching the Golden Globes and will blog about the show tomorrow but for now here is the GoT S4 trailer…

(mild spoilers) So many things I’m looking forward to this year.  I know everyone was all excited about the Red Wedding last year but honestly the best part of A Storm of Swords (and  the entire ASOIAF) is the last dozen chapters. The Red Wedding was more like a turning point in the book and from THEN onwards it gets really good. If they can pull it off reasonably well then season four will be spellbinding. I’m suspecting the Purple Wedding will come early in the season since GRRM specifically wrote the second episode there really is a lot that needs to happen after it. That event will definitely crash Twitter and Tumblr. Can't wait for it. I'm curious to see how they will spin Sansa’s storyline since there have been some interesting changes from book to screen. That said, the preview shows her in the snow so it looks like she will get in fact get from point A to point B….how it will be handled is the question though. I doubt there will be enough of Arya and the Hound, much to my dismay. Of course Oberyn Martell and the Dornes will finally make their arrival…and hopefully it will be done well. I still have my reservations. I’m not really sure what they are going to do with the Greyjoys this season...possibly they will move up their storyline to include some of the events from the fourth novel. I am NOT excited for more Dany and her dragons … ditto for more torturing of Theon Greyjoy – same old, same old in both cases. (Big spoiler: seriously with Dany, five books later and she STILL hasn’t crossed the narrow sea #GRRMfail) I’m also NOT excited to see the big battle at the wall – I suspect their special effects won’t be able to pull this one off. I hope that they choose to focus more on the other big events that occur simultaneously. When all is said and done, this should be Jaime's year and they better do him justice. 
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