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On the subject of the Golden Globes:

Random Golden Globe comments:

  • Who does Michael Fassbender and/or Joaquin Phoenix have to sleep with to get an award? (Please don’t say each other…) Also, no Red Carpet interviews with either...I was so deprived :(

  • Amy Adams wins best hairdo of the night...and best tape job. I honestly don't know how everything stayed in place.

  • Did the HFP actually watch Orphan Black ‘cause really? Impossible to fathom that Tatiana didn’t win Best Actress. She should have received all five best actress nominations tbt. I would have given it to Helena with Alison as the runner up.

  • Good to see that Emma Watson decided yoga pants were acceptable wardrobe for the Golden Globes.

  • So I hear that Julia Roberts’ children picked out her wardrobe. This explains much. Did they also pick Sandra Bullock’s?

  • I like the guy who posted a video of himself creating J-Law’s dress with a bedsheet and two strips of electrical tape. Brilliant…and sadly, very accurate.

  • Idris Elba is gorgeous…that is all.

  • Were everyone’s hairstylists lazy? Messy, loose buns/chignons ruled the Red Carpet…on both the women AND the men

  • Most memorable and enjoyable Red Carpet outtake: watching Chris Pine put on Chapstick

  • Amy & Tina were even better than last year. Their DiCaprio intro was the best moment of the night. I hope Ellen does as good as job hosting the Oscars.

  • Arguably the second best moment of the night was when award presenter Emma Thompson, with a martini in one hand and her high heel shoes in the other, needed some assistance in finding the winners envelope. Thanks to her I now know what the Globes would have been like had River Song crashed the event. And if she did, she should have had the Doctor (that is, Matt Smith’s Doctor) wear the same outfit as that guy who won the award for best score. He had to be the best dressed man of the night…hands down.

  • Drew Barrymore’s dress?! No, wait, Kaley Cuoco. No even worse – put the two of them together. My eyes, my eyes….the pain. Mind you, there really wasn’t anyone that spectacular. Sure Reese’s colour was gorgeous, and Margot Robbie’s white gown looked fabulous on her but their actual dresses were both so plain and boring. Now Cate’s dress was truly gorgeous, more so from the back than the front, but I just kept getting itchy looking at it so it never won me over. I really did like Kevin Bacon’s daughter (Miss Golden Globes)’s dress but the colour was such a washout. I would say Jessica Chastain’s dress was my favourite…but it really was just another black dress. And what was with her hair. For heaven’s sake girl, you have arguably the most beautiful hair on the planet and THAT is how you wear it? She looked and dressed better at TIFF this year.

  • Awards shows are seriously lacking without James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston. BAFTAs, please fix this.

Next up, the SAG awards, well if they decide to air them here in Canada that is. Speaking of Canada, the Canadian Screen Awards, announced their nominees today for the event in March. Orphan Black leads all television nominations –  take note America, THAT is how it should be.
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