Doctor Who - 11 Thumbs Up

Some extremely talented artists pay tribute to the Doctor...

If you like 80s music, Doctor Who and/or amazing graphics, this one is for you…

The original video was a tribute to Doctor Who 50th anniversary and has a vocal track with quotes from the show instead of the aHa song…it is also worth a watch.

In keeping with the animated Doctor Who theme of this post, please visit this page to view the brilliant versions of all the Doctors depicted as if they were animated Tim Burton characters. So very much talent on display here; the artist captured the essence of all the Doctors in true Tim Burtonesque manner. I love them all…but of course 8 is the prettiest, 8.5 is the coolest, 10 has the best hair and 4 is downright scary. Now I want Tim Burton to make an animated version of Doctor Who based on these characters. Can the artist please do the companions next?! I want to see Captain Jack, Rory, River Song, Madame Vastra & Jenny …and Idris (mind you, she already looked like a Tim Burton character…as played by Helena Bonham Carter to be specific)

Such talent and creativity...I am  truly impressed.
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This is amazing....and the song's fantastic too! I must reblog this!