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7 Game of Thrones S4 Moments ....

Read an article today on the 7 Game of Thrones Season 4 moments we are going to replay again and again and came to the conclusion that I need to reread the last half of A Storm of Swords again. I do remember most of these moments (vividly, in some cases) but just seeing them all listed makes me want to reread now. I'm going to hold off on the reread till the beginning of April though - just to refresh right before the series starts. Here is the list of seven (very mild spoilers ahead:

7. Dragons (meh)
6. Battle at the Wall (won't be that exciting IMO - at least not until a certain someone shows up at the end to save the day)
5. The Viper and The Mountain (I'm more excited for the Red Viper, period, than the actual Viper vs Mountain scene)
4. Out The Moon Door (this will be quite the jaw dropper moment 'cause I don't think anyone will foresee it coming...)
3. Arya and the Tickler (all of Arya this season IMO)
2. Hands of Gold (I'm not entirely sure what they are referring to - this title screams Jaime more than Tyrion but the description in the article goes much more with what happens in Tyrion's storyline...either way what happens at the end with Tyrion, Tywin and Jaime will pretty much shock the bejeezus out of everyone who hasn't read the books)
1. The Purple Wedding (I argue this shouldn't even be number one 'cause the title pretty much gives it away for everyone who hasn't read the books - I guess it is number one though since EVERYONE will be so looking forward to it and satisfied when it happens)

If you have read the novels and want to read the article which has a lot of MAJOR spoilers, visit this link....but if you haven't read the books I honestly suggest you avoid the article and any spoilers for this season. You really will truly enjoy it more if you don't know what is coming. (side note: what, no altar sex? *pouts*....well I for one am sure looking forward to that scene....)
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