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Yet another list...

OK I know I should make some comment about the Oscar noms but really they were pretty much as expected IMO. Lots of tight races this year but my suspicion is Oscars will show more love to 12 Years a Slave than the Golden Globes did. In other awards news, Buddy TV (undoubtedly the source of all things television <_<) listed out TV's 100 Sexiest Men of 2013. You know how much I LOVE lists so I was all over this one. Below are some of the relevant (IMO) names on the list:

99. Rossif Sutherland - plays Nostradamus on Reign...sadly he was the only cast member from Reign to crack the list, sorry boys
87. Tom Mison - THIS IS A COMLETE TRAVESTY - HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOP FIVE, ARGUABLY TOP THREE...did these people even watch Sleepy Hollow???
83. David Ramsey - Diggle on Arrow...should have been way higher on this list
78. David Giuntoli - really, I'm genuinely surprised he wasn't top twenty...and what about Munroe/Silas???
70. Michael Ealy - Dorian on Almost Human...ok agreed but where is Karl Urban? Nowhere to be found on this list?!!!
65. Daniel Sunjata - well he certainly makes my top ten list...he should have been at least top 40...but how  Aaron Tveit (who plays Mike on Graceland) could be #11 when Daniel is #65 is beyond me...
63. Alex O'Laughlin - ahh my VARP most definitely should be on this list...
51. Timothy Olyphant - 'justified'
45. Tom Riley - really I'm genuinely surprised he made this list. I love the guy but I never really see him as 'sexy'. Actually there are at least two other actors on that show who are hotter IMO and coincidently they both play Medici
39. Nathan Fillion - of course - but I'd rank him higher, especially when he is eating and/or discussing weapons
34. Colin O'Donoghue - oh snap...he is so my number one it isn't even funny *swoon* (that said, 'Hook' is so NOT sexy...Mr. Gold on the other hand *ponders this*)
32. Richard Madden - I really shouldn't argue with this but I just don't get the appeal - especially when Finn/Ser Loras and Nicolaj/Jaime Lannister don't make the list???!!! For shame!
27. Alexander Skarsgard - appropriate
25. Robbie Amell - well, really, I guess that makes sense
20. Kit Harrington - ok refer to my comments circa #32 re: Finn and Nicolaj
17. Ryan Kwanten - I love him for the comedy alone - but alas sexy, no
15. Matt Bomer - absolutely agree
14. Jonathan Rhys Meyers - absolutely agree part two

And the full top ten list is as follows...
10. Adam Levine - hahahahaha I'm just going to laugh and pretend I never read that
9. Ian Somerholder - i get the appeal - i just am not attracted to him whatsoever, blah
8. Charlie Hunnam - yes, and he keeps getting better as he gets older
7. Stephen Amell - ok yes but I can absolutely guarantee you that HE thinks he should be higher on the list...and I admit that I would have to agree
6. James Wolk - I've never heard of him but apparently he is on Mad Men and The Crazy Ones; based on the photo they supplied he wouldn't crack my top 100
5. Mike Vogel - I think I'll let niviene address that one
4. Luke Mitchell - (John from The Tomorrow People) OK I honestly won't argue this one - he totally deserves it. Better than most of the new crop of guys on tv. I actually came to the epiphany when I was watching him that HE should have played Finnick. Yes, he is that good.
3. Dylan Bruce - seriously??? This is going to go right to his head. Again, no arguments from me though.
2. Derek Hough - I don't watch Dancing With The Stars and based on his photo I really don't think I'm missing anything.
1. Scott Foley - I don't watch Scandal either but at least he seems okay, kind of boring though....certainly wouldn't have cracked my top fourty.

So many names absent from this list it isn't even funny...
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I'll address Mike Vogel any way he wants..... and he's #1 on my list right now!

Why is Tom Mison so low? What's i wrong with these people?

Nathan Fillion is higher than your VAPR lol...sorry had to laugh. Not that I agree or disagree it's just funny.

Some of those who made their top 10 list wouldn't have made mine....

Must post my top 10 list of 2013 at some point....soon.
IDK re: Tom Mison - i think he should be top three and I'm absolutely floored that he isn't at least top ten.

Nothing wrong with Nathan Fillion...but over my VARP? I see your point. And why the heck isn't your VARP on the list?

I'm curious to see your top ten list...I don't even think i could put together a top ten tbt