Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow finale & SAGs

How is it that the SEASON FINALE of Sleepy Hollow is already upon us this Monday? This is not fair. I have to go seven months without a new episode… insane! Last I checked this was network tv...not cable? On the bright side, I suspect that the series one blu ray will be released real soon…ideally with lots of audio commentary please. Here is the extended 2min50sec promo....

I now possess the seating chart for tomorrow night’s SAG awards. I will be spending most of the evening eyeing tables 9 and 14 in a quest to find Michael Fassbender at the 12 Years a Slave tables (I failed so miserably tracking him down at the Golden Globes this year). Otherwise I’ll be keeping a lookout on Tables 5, 6 & 7 for the 32 actors from Game of Thrones who are scheduled to attend the ceremonies. That’s right, 32 actors!! I'm not sure what would be funnier: if they win and all 32 of them have to go up on stage OR if they lose. I'm on the fence whether I will even watch these ceremonies tbt. The presenters list is a snooze-fest; no one I really care about. And the nominations aren’t that exciting…I sincerely doubt Fassbender will win so basically there isn’t really anything to hold my attention. Bring on the Grammies.
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I buying the Blu Ray on the day it's released. You know I <3 this show!!!
I honestly can't wait for the special features on the blu ray...that and just rewatching all the good stuff (which is pretty much everything)