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Reading an article today on the fate of Once Upon a Time. Apparently one of the series regulars will bite it by the end of the season. The article went on to list the potential top eight candidates to be offed and sadly the top three are three of my favourites: 3. Captain Hook 2. Belle 1. Neal. It's bad enough they had to get rid of Peter Pan but if one of those three leaves it would be such a blow. If I were a betting person I would say Neal is toast...I honestly suspected he wouldn't last as long as he did as I don't think he is a hugely popular character. But I do kind of hope he stays around for the Hook-Emma-Neal triangle. Plus he really needs to reconcile fully with Rumpelstiltskin. That said, I'm certain they can completely wrap up Neal's storyline over the course of the upcoming half season. Failing that, I agree -  Belle would be my next choice (not that I want it to happen at all) simply because I don't think they want Rumpelstiltskin to stay good. Belle's death - especially if it is under unusual circumstances - would definitely push Gold over the edge. Why can't they just get rid of Blue and be done with her...I'd be completely fine with that.

Full article is - here.
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