Chris Hemsworth - Epiphany

Ragnarok is coming...maybe...

So basically we all know that the Mayans got it wrong…the world certainly did not end on December  21, 2012 (granted, the people interpreting the Mayan calendar pretty much were the ones to blame. When one Mayan calendar comes to an end, the Mayans just moved on to a new one…*duh*). Let’s see how the Vikings fare. According to Viking lore, the end of the world, Ragnarok, the infamous Viking apocalypse, is scheduled to occur on February 22, 2014. So my question is, can the Norse gods come to save us? Cause really, Thor….(circa Chris Hemsworth)…Loki (circa Tom Hiddleston)…I’m really not too upset. If I gotta go, I’m thinking Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston ain’t too bad. Just sayin’

That said, the History Channel really should be all over this one. Do a few colourful documentaries leading up to Feb 22 and then air the season premiere of Vikings. Come on guys, this is free marketing. Capitalize!!
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Alexander Skarsgard is probably a tad too young but I'd see him as Odin. I'll go with Charlize Theron for Freya.
Oh this is just too easy....the warriors await in the halls of Valhalla. Hello Asgard.