Olympic Figure Skating

I’ve been watching the Olympic figure skating and I just have to say, what is with the mediocrity? Twenty years ago, all the top skaters seemed so much more talented. Granted the technical skills have improved but the performance aspect, the artistic component, is severely lacking. I don’t think there was a single routine that gave me the chills. What is wrong with these choreographers? Just throwing in some random jump combos and some fancy skatework is not cutting it in my opinion. Figure skaters need to emote…they need to be actors and they need to give the performance of their lives. This is the Olympics after all. These skaters have zero personality and their routines are completely apathetic and so painfully slow. Gordeeva and Grinkov, Victor Petrenko, Philippe Candeloro, Katarina Witt, the Duchesnays…that was skating. Watch and learn people.
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So least the ice dancing this year was good otherwise I'd be worried about the future of figure skating in general if these are the best there is....