YAY!! Reign has officially been renewed for a second season. I am so happy I’m doing cartwheels. CW renewed five shows today. Arrow was also renewed but that, for all intents and purposes, was a given. I don’t understand why the CW just doesn’t blanket renew Arrow for another two seasons. It is worthy and it is that good. What I am worried about is that The Tomorrow People did not get notice of renewal, yet. CW has two more new shows coming – The 100 and Star-Crossed and the suspicion is that only one of those three shows will get renewed. I hope and pray it is The Tomorrow People. TP started off slow but became so good as the season progressed and I really don’t want it to end yet.
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I hope TP gets renewed to....I wished they'd concentrate on John's storyline - it's so much better than Stephen's. I wonder if they did would the ratings pick up? Don't understand why they don't move it to another night when nothing is on.