TWD - Rick & Daryl

The return of The Walking Dead...

Did I mention that I believe The Walking Dead may have become my favourite show?  OK really probably still Orphan Black but it is close. And yes, of course, Game of Thrones and Reign…but back to The Walking Dead. If someone told me that I should expect to love this show as much as I do I would have absolutely laughed in their face. Zombies, me, hah. But after marathoning the entire series I am completely hooked. Love love love Rick, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Hershel and even Merle. Most shows have the occasional jaw dropping moments particularly for their season finales but with this show you can pretty much expect something to just blow you away on each episode. I wonder if it has the same impact on those people who have already read the graphic novels. I doubt it. It is probably like Game of Thrones is for me. Game of Thrones has no shortage of explosive moments - but for me, having read the books, when something like the Red Wedding or Jaime pushing Bran out of the tower window happens – its just so ho-hum expected. With GoT it is more about waiting to see how things play out on the small screen. I’ve already lived the moments in mind and I only hope they can carry those moments out as well on screen.  Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t. (SPOILERS) From what I have heard, The Walking Dead S4 second half of the season will be focusing on what I am terming, the diaspora. The group has scattered since the destruction of their sanctuary and are carrying on in dispersed groupings. The most recent episode focused on Rick and Carl who were able to find food and safe shelter. Gosh has Carl grown up a lot since that first episode. Meanwhile we also get a glimpse of Michonne going it alone and ultimately finding her way to Rick’s doorstep. They conclude the episode just before the actual reunion. Next week we’ll see more of Daryl’s plight with Beth. Personally I’m just waiting to find out who has Judith 'cause there is no way that baby died. And I’m also waiting to see how/when Carol will be returning. Note to HBO: If The Walking Dead can have an aftershow for fan discussion, I really think there should be a similar one for Game of Thrones....please consider it.
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Who knew it'd be such a good show? Zombies are just so hilarious...I can't take them seriously but the stories around the people make it come together. Plus Daryl is so kick a**. I'm glad we got to see the first 3 seasons and part of 4 via marathons. I'm still not used to having to wait a week for the next episode since we started watching it live on Sundays.