So another Roman epic film…hurrah, right up my alley. Overall pretty decent job. I know the critics hated it but I didn’t think it was that bad. I can’t say as I was fond of Keifer Sutherland in his role…for some reason he just seemed awkward in that part. The rest of the cast was fine. Is it sad that I was cheering for Sasha Roiz in this more than I was for Kit Harington? I love when people talk about spoilers for historical epics… I can’t help but smirk. C’mon, this is history…you can read about it in any history book. So guess what, yes, that volcano is going to erupt and that’s right NO ONE is going to survive. Sorry but that was what happened. No happy endings here. I find it particularly amusing that the film was shot here in Toronto. So now we are a stand in for the Ancient Roman world as well?? Geez, if they ever need an extra to play a Vestal Virgins or a Sibyl I am right here….give me a call….
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