Oscars Post Show

I was barely able to watch any of the Oscars this year. The show started amidst a bit of a fiasco that was going on in my bathroom….had to fix a water leak. Then The Walking Dead at 9 PM…NOTHING, not even the Oscars, trumps The Walking Dead….followed by The Talking Dead. So basically it was whatever I was able to catch in the commercial breaks and the last hour. Of course 12 Years a Slave won. I am so happy Lupita won and not J-Law. I just don’t get J-Law's appeal. After watching Silver Linings Playbook I am still trying to figure out how she won the Oscar for that. Bradley Cooper in that movie, yes, I get…her, not so much. I like her – don’t get me wrong – she seems like a fantastic person off camera and I do thing she is good actress. I just think she really is somewhat overrated. Meh, quidquid. Of course Michael Fassbender did not win yet again…alas this truly wasn’t his year so I am not too upset. I just hope that his year does come soon. Wow, come to think of it – and correct me if I am wrong – but of the primary cast of the upcoming X-Men movie, and I am going to drop some serious names here….Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellan, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman  - NONE OF THEM HAVE WON AN OSCAR but J-Law has??? Think about that and tell me something isn’t wrong with the system!!!

Moving on to the fashions. I have a strange comment on the Oscar fashions this year. No one really stood out as being spectacular BUT no one dressed poorly. You know how every year you watch the red carpet and someone comes on and you say to yourself ‘WTF was she thinking wearing that?’ – well there were none of those moments. Everyone truly looked really respectable this year.  I supposed I’d say that I like Charlize Theron’s dress the best but it was really plain. The dresses at the Golden Globes were more impressive TBT.
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