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The Evil Queen...

So I’m walking down Queen Street towards Yonge Street and I get just past Sherbourne when I encounter this what I’m assuming is a homeless woman. She looks just like the evil queen in the Snow White Disney movie…by evil queen I don’t meant the pretty, mirror, mirror on the wall Queen…no, I mean the old lady/witch that gave Snow White the poisoned apples – stringy grey hair, hook nose, pointy chin, warts, tattered wardrobe…etc. She was wheeling a small shopping cart which contained a whole bunch – maybe a dozen or so – bottles of Coca Cola which I can only assume have replaced apples as the poison-laced-go-to-beverage-du-jour. My logical self was thinking – no, she is just a mild-mannered, harmless, homeless person….but really, she SCARED me. Thanks a lot,Disney.

And on that note, I took a quiz as to which character I was most like on OUAT and this happened…

OK so even though I was afraid of the real-life encounter with the Evil Queen I am SO thankful I got Regina in the quiz since she pretty much rocks compared to the others on that show. Thank the gods I didn’t get Snow or Charming.
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At least she didn't offer you a coke! When I took this test I got Emma.....no surprise there!