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Random thoughts for the day:

  • Dear Tom Hiddleston: Welcome to Toronto. I know you've been here for a while but unfortunately I've yet to bump into you on the street. Anyhow, we have similar tastes in pretty much everything cultural so if you need someone to guide you around the city, please contact me at your leisure. I won't disappoint.

  • Reign: Bash and Kenna? OK, well I'll go with it. Master of Horse and Hunt... now THAT'S a title. I love Olivia with Nostradamus. Can't help but think Lord Castleroy should have played a previous incarnation of Doctor Who...he's like a cross between 6, 8 and 11. King Henry is totally cray-cray (I personally think he has an STD...pretty much explained how ever royal went mad, well that and the inbreeding). Can't wait to see how Catherine gets back at that servant girl for what she did. Please restore the 'Queen of the Bean' festivities - winner gets to go out with Sean Bean?? I'm on it.

  • The Walking Dead upcoming season finale: I'm afraid, I'm very afraid...rumours of cannibals, rape and deaths abound. It doesn't sound pretty. Oh well, at least Andrew Lincoln will be on The Talking Dead after the finale. I really hope they extend TTD to two hours after the finale as I'm certain I will need the extra therapy time.

  • Vikings: Alexander Ludwig is VERY tall

  • Fan Expo 2014: Turns out that for the 20th anniversary they will be having some of their most popular/loved guests returning this year. One of those guests is Nathan Fillion...YAY. More guests to follow. Event will take place the end of August. Can't wait.

  • Defiance Season 2: Scheduled for June 19th on Showcase. The American station that broadcasts Defiance will be airing Dominion after it. Gosh I hope we get that show here in Canada.

  • Honey Boo-Boo: Seriously, the season finale already....I hate to say it but I'm really gonna miss y'all.

  • Divergent: Going to see you this weekend...please don't be disappointing.

  • The Yoga Show: may be attending this weekend....we'll see how things go.

  • Earth Hour: tomorrow night...well I really don't want to give up watching Bitten so I'll be watching it by candlelight...that should set the mood quite nicely.

  • Job search: so many potential jobs but alas nothing official yet

  • Health: bloodwork today for normal gp check up...ugh, now my arm is sore from the needle.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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