TWD - Rick & Daryl

The Walking Dead...S4 Finale

All in all I’d say that was a very positive and almost uplifting season finale. No one died, per se. Yes they are in a dire situation (what else is new) but Rick is clearly going to be on the warpath next season and the whole gang is together so really, in the grand scope of things, it’s not that bad. I was expecting a lot worse.  Where is Beth? Was she the one screaming that was separated from the pack at Terminus? Of course you know Carol (and Tyrese and Judith) will show up to save the day. I can’t wait for the reunion with Rick, Carl and Judith. That said, it won’t be as amazing as the bromance reunion of Daryl and Rick…xoxoxo. Now comes the long wait till October. Ho hum. I really need to buy this show on Blu Ray and watch it, IN ORDER, from the beginning.
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