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Dreaming of Fan Expo 2014

Hot on the trails of The Walking Dead finale, Fan Expo 2014 has announced their Walking Dead guest attendees and they include Michael Rooker (Merle), Chandler Riggs (Carl), Danai Gurira (Michonne) and David Morrissey (The Governor). OK that is a pretty decent panel – granted no Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus but still really, really good. Is it wrong that I’d rather David Morrissey at the Doctor Who panel though? He was so sweet as the ‘other’ Doctor…. Anyhow, tickets to Fan Expo will be purchased in the not-too-distant future. Nathan Fillion is also confirmed on the guest list for this year. YAY! As for Ian Somerhalder, who is also confirmed…meh. This is MY wishlist for Fan Expo 2014:

Likely to happen panels:

  • Orphan Black panel

  • Bitten panel

  • Defiance panel (this year with Tony Curran please)

In my fondest dreams but actually conceivable panels/guests:

  • Reign panel (with Adelaide, Toby and Torrance at the very least…although if you could add in Megan Follows and Alan Van Sprang I think I would actually cry tears of joy!!)

  • Doctor Who panel (with either David Tennant AND John Barrowman OR Matt Smith and Karen Gillan….although I’d be pretty pleased if Eight shows up as well!!)

  • An “Amell” panel with both Stephen and Robbie (if Luke Mitchell wants to show up there would be NO complaints!!)

  • Jason Momoa…just for niviene’s reaction

Long shots at best:

  • A panel with just about anyone from the cast of Da Vinci’s Demons, GoT (in a perfect world EROS VLAHOS would be at  BOTH the panels!!), Vikings, Grimm...

  • I’d say a panel from the cast of OUAT but honestly, I just want to see Colin…and to be fair I don’t think I could handle that pretty …Ooh but Lana would be great…they should actually just do a kick-ass female actress panel with Lana, Tatiana, Sarah Shahi and Katheryn Winnick…that truly would be AWESOME

I’m certain I’m forgetting a bunch of people but I know when it comes down to it I’ll be happy with whatever they do. Heck, I’m already fine with just TWD and Nathan Fillion.
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