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GoT Season Four progressing at a nice clip...

OK so I knew the Purple Wedding was coming and that Twitter/Tumbler would explode, in a positive way, once it had happened. So happy it is over and done with. I intently watched every second of that wedding reception though to see if there were any ‘obvious’ moments that gave away the guilty party but there was nothing I could discern. Good job. Sansa is on her way to Eyrie sooner than I had expected…that is a also good thing. Loving Arya and The Hound’s Excellent Adventure, just like I did when I read it in the books. Not so much with the revised Jaime/Cersei scene…but meh…I expected changes. Oathkeeper scene soon to come....I'll be bawling like a baby for that one. 
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Bye bye one except Circe will mourn's called karma.

Yes loving Arya - she's hilarious with him. I just hope she starts to learn more the way she did with Jaqen rather than just mimicking the Hound....