Ruby Slippers

We're not in Kansas anymore...

This whole Wicked Witch storyline on OUAT sucks. I am so not into it. I wish we could just go back to Neverland and Peter Pan which was far much more enjoyable. Not nearly enough Rumpelstiltskin for my taste. On the bright side though, they have given Regina a bit larger role this half season and that I am enjoying. Ditto for the addition of Robin Hood. Thankfully Hook’s character hasn’t been as annoying as usual (which is a more or less irrelevant since I’d pretty much watch Colin O’Donoghue recite the phonebook) – I just wish they’d give him a legit story arc. Meh.
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Not liking the storyline either...boring.

OUAT's Robin is good....although I'm not sure I'm on board with him and Regina as a couple but we'll see....I'm partial to "Robin Hood" period and therefore am picky for that reason alone.

Do feel sorry for Hook....short end of the stick always....poor Colin.