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Green Living Show 2014

Well I skipped the Yoga Show this year but chose not to miss the Green Living Show and it was as enjoyable as in the past. This year I attended a couple of seminars – “Acid Overdose: Stories of the Ocean through the Eyes of a Scientist and the Heart of a Poet”, by journalist Alanna Mitchell, and “Slimming Meals that Heal” by Julie Daniluk. Both were wonderfully engaging and entertaining speakers. I was able to purchase (stock up on) some Live Clean products that are difficult to find in downtown Toronto. As well, there was an abundance of free samples there for the taking. I also received a complimentary mini-facial-massage from my fav local aesthetician, Jean Eng, whom I have known for many years now. It was nice to have a chance to chat with her and catch up on stuff. I stayed a little later than expected and was completely exhausted when I finally made it home. All-in-all, a good day.
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Might be an idea to skip an annual show and go every two years to keep the show fresh because a lot of the same vendors attend these shows.

Unless you're Live Clean products and their events person is completely oblivious to other shows *cough WholeLifeExpo cough" which is funny but not at the same time since the WLE is affiliated with the GLS (still trying to figure that one out lol).