Only Lovers Left Alive

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film. An artsy, vampire movie?! Well it delivered. I should have expected no less from Hiddles. That man just oozes talent. This is the first film that I have truly loved Tilda Swinton in. She was the ideal partner and castmate for Hiddles in this movie. They worked so well together. The icing on the cake was John Hurt as Christopher Marlowe. A lot of great references to history and historical figures that made me LOL…apologies to Byron, Shelley and the likes. The movie was so enjoyable I hope it gets a wide release so that I can see it again. Sadly, the movie made me wish I was in Morocco…it looked so cool on film. It doesn’t help that the latest novel I’m reading is also set in Morocco. Ahh, someday.
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I srsly can't wait until this is release on Blu-ray and/or DVD.....I want to wallow in it's epic cultural and literary intellectualism...and discuss with the hubby lol!

Hiddles is amazing.....I wish we'd been able to get tickets during Tiff last year for it.