Doctor Who - 11 Golden Ticket

Tickets, tickets and more tickets....

Am now the proud owner of tickets to both the Game of Thrones exhibit that will be taking place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in May and Fan Expo circa my birthday. Huzzah!!

Ooh, I see that Jesus Christ Superstar is on the season bill for 2014/15 at Hart House Theatre. Hmmm, wonder how many times I'll be seeing that one...
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JCSS JCSS JCSS....does happy dance.

Yes and The Tempest (which is one of my fav Shakespeare plays) and The Importance of Being Earnest. I'd love to see Oscar Wilde done on stage.

Cant' wait for AGOT to see what they bring this year....obviously the Iron Throne will be back I will bet.

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