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Catching up with my shows...

  • Almost Human was cancelled. That is sad since it had one of the best bromances on tv…ahh well.

  • Copper was also cancelled. That’s a shame as I love period pieces.

  • Started watching Salem and The Muskeeters. Both are in the “like” stage mode right now. That’s after one episode….we’ll see how they progress.

  • Finally an excellent episode of Arrow…hopefully this week can keep it going. I will not miss Moira one iota. I suspect Malcolm will be returning real soon and I'm curious about how Oliver and Thea will welcome him back.

  • I just can’t get into The 100. It seems good but I always get restless after watching Arrow and can't sit through The 100 when it starts to drag.

  • Hopefully The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed will be renewed but I’m not holding my breath in either case.

  • They are really gearing us up for a brutal season finale for Person of Interest. Reese and Shaw on a vendetta to get Finch back. Yowsah!

  • I heard something about Big Bang Theory ending in 2017…not sure if that is true but maybe a good idea. It’s still a great show and I’d rather it go out on top rather than when it is faltering.

  • The ONE really good character/actor on the now cancelled Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (the Knave of Hearts…mind you, I did like the girl who played Alice) has signed on to be a regular on OUAT for next season. YAY – good move

  • Season finale of Vikings is this week…that went by WAY too fast.

  • Ditto for Reign...but on the bright side, they start filming S2 of Reign in July which is really not that far off in the scope of things. I love the cast set updates on Twitter.

  • I really hope they move the timeslot for H50 next season

  • Ooooh a new Grimm…raging with teen angst. Oh great, just what Nick needs now. I say let Juliet train her.

  • Orphan Black…the creepy people have bad things planned for Helena and I suspect it won’t be pretty.

  • So this week Da Vinci will finally be entering the Vault of Heaven…. “Vault of Heaven”…hmm, I didn't Botticelli paint that one?? <_<

  • Dorothy Gale lands in OUAT this week….I wish she made it there earlier, the sooner I can get through this storyline, the better. Bring back Tinkerbell!

  • So I’m trying to place where we are in GoT in relation to the novels and I guess we should be coming to the Eyrie this week? Maybe more news on Tyrion's trial? IDK. Just give me more Sanarya please… and more Dornes, less Dany.

  • Catching up on the dvr-ed Continuum...I'm on last season's finale and have all of this season to catch up, so about 6-7 episodes to go. It's still not one of my fav shows but it is interesting and worth watching.

  • Haven't watched the Hex dvd yet but it's not that far off. On the agenda after Continuum.

With most of the full season fall/winter series wrapping up over the next two weeks, the news and start dates for summer series are top priority.

  • Is Dominion going to be on in Canada when it starts airing in America (in June) or do I have to wait like I did with Camelot?

  • Have they set a start date for S8 of Doctor Who? It usually begins in the fall around my birthday, but who knows. I’m looking forward to Tom Riley’s episode – I think it is the third one into the season, maybe?

  • Start dates for: Defiance? Graceland? Under the Dome? The final season of True Blood (I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I really miss Jason Stackhouse…)? I suspect that is scheduled for the week after GoT ends so in about a month and half then. Gracepoint (aka American version of Broadchurch…although why this show was needed is beyond me since Broadchurch was fine as is)?

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I just realized how much TV we watch just by reading this list and that's not all the shows from the past year that are done or the ones coming up for the summer.... YOWZA!!!