May 1...newness

Happy May Day! Today is a day of newness, a renaissance of sorts:

  • I have a NEW job

  • I have a new PVR (which I regret not obtaining years ago)

  • I have set up the laptop network connection so a NEW computer (which I also regret not setting up earlier)

  • Our local restaurant has NEW owners

  • Our evening concierge (who has been here since we moved in ten years ago) is retiring - so a new concierge on the way

  • Finally purchased some NEW clothes (first time this year!)

  • Purchased all the NEW cds I wanted and to top it off  they were on super sale at HMV

So as far as I'm concerned, it's the beginning of what I hope and expect to be a more positive, rejuvenating and invigorating time of my life.
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2) YAY and so worth the nominal extra cost

3) You are awesome!

4) Sad and good at same time

5) Good luck to Ron and thanks for the years of service!

6) Shopping can be fun.

7) Music soothes the savage beast or is just good on the whole lol