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Vikings Season 2 Finale

A somewhat anticlimactic (story-wise) season finale for Vikings. You knew the King Horik/Ragnar confrontation was coming - but I suppose you could say that Floki’s bait and switch was a wonderful addition to the mix. You really didn’t know what Floki was going to do and it could have gone either way. Loved the final confrontation scene  – great job making Team Ragnar come across so wonderfully powerful, menacing and larger than life (and with virtually no dialogue to top it off). Highlight was the Ragnar/Athelstan prayer scene…I only wish Athelstan had recited the prayer in Latin. That would have truly made my day. Also, what an awe-inspiring closing shot of Ragnar with that sword. Perfection. Next season, Paris.
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I really do like this show....definitely the characters are all amazing in their own right....Ragnar/Athelstan = <3 <3 <3 and yes the prayer in Latin would have been a squee worthy moment.