R.I.P - TTP, Star-Crossed, Intelligence

Sad news -  The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed and Intelligence have all been cancelled. Alas, those are three less shows for me to watch next year. I’m most upset about the cancellation of The Tomorrow People. That show had the most potential. The first few episodes were abysmal and I suspect that is what turned people off the series. That’s too bad since the show did get much better as the season progressed. Oh well…it is the CW so I’m certain the entire cast will be re-hashed on some other CW series featuring beautiful people in unrealistic situations.

Side note: due to the horrid timing of the two hour season finale of OUAT I was not be able to watch the original airing of GoT this week. Uggh…It just seems wrong. I hate having to pvr GoT. And the season finale of OUAT wasn't exactly that great. Lots of Hook, so really pretty visually, but alas...no substance. And for the record I really just don't like Hook with Emma. IDK why, but it just doesn't work for me. Since I am the ONE person out that there hasn't seen Frozen, I can't comment as to whether I'm happy or sad that they are going to focus on those characters in S4. Well at least they can't be any worse than the Oz theme...ugh, that was horrid.
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All of those shows got better at the season progressed but leave it to the CW to cancel shows prematurely.

I hated the ending to TTP. I'm pretending what Jed did to John didn't happen.

I like Emma and Hook together....she makes him a better person but that won't last long knowing OUAT. I didn't like the Witch from Oz period - what an annoying character and her accent grated on my nerves so it was hard to watch. I haven't seen Frozen either so maybe we should before the new season of OUAT comes back.