Reign Season Finale

All-in-all it really wasn’t that shocking and I don’t think that was much of a cliffhanger (oh please, you know Francis will return to Mary…you just don’t know whom, if anyone, he will be returning with). Most importantly, the King is dead…long live the King. Good luck with that, Francis. I will miss Allan Van Sprang so very much…he did a fantastic job as Henry and worked especially well with Megan Followes as Catherine. Of course I am glad that Greer chose Castleroy over Leith…actually I liked Leith better before; he is kind of annoying now…I really don’t need his character around but hey, he is Francis’ new BFF so I guess we’ll be seeing more of him. Bash dealing with the mysterious Darkness…(aka the Under the Dome crossover - pink stars are falling) - still just seems like another random CW attempt at tossing some type of supernatural element into the mix…I’m sure it’s mandated for all CW shows…but clearly it amounts to some gloom and doom heading their way next season and it won’t just be the plague. Best moment of the ENTIRE show (and arguably the entire season) = the Francis/Sebastian hug….I’m certain Twitter has blown up and there are a million “ovaries exploded” gifs being posted on Tumblr as I type this.
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RIP Henry. I will miss Allan and Megan together too....

Good luck Francis with running France. Long live King Francis?

If they make Bash take over being "The Darkness" I will bitch on twitter about that!

Castleroy is our new Doctor Who :0)